Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module fulfills the needs of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service divisions of an organization. It is fully integrated with ERP systems, providing an integrated software environment for a 360o, real time insight of your customers and contacts.

It is a powerful tool to monitor your business processes and transactions with your audiences. Easy to adapt and versatile, increases customer visibility, provides seamless teamwork, employee effectiveness and advanced customer experience.

A CRM system which is fully integrated with Microsoft® Outlook and easily accessible via mobile devices (Windows compatible Smart phones, tablets, iPhone and iPad) to enable your mobile executives with real time information and the same tools as if they were at office, increasing their effectiveness and productivity.

Agile, easy to use and to adapt optimizes workflows, enhances customer service and satisfaction.

Entersoft Expert‘s® CRM module, is fully integrated with Entersoft Expert‘s® ERP, however it can also be used as a standalone product, providing comprehensive solutions for:
1. Customer Relationship Management
• Sales Force Automation
• Sales Commissions Management
• Opportunity Management
• Contract Management
2. Marketing Campaigns
• Customer Profiling & Segmentation
• Marketing Campaigns
• Questionnaires / Surveys
• SMS/MMS Marketing
• Event Management
3. Service Management & Customer Care
• Service Management
• Complaints Management
• Knowledge Base Management
4. CTI Integration
5. Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Integration